Looking for a talent?

We have simplified the relationship between the talent and the first job. We’ve made it easy for businesses to engage and meet with the top talents from different universities in the country. As a company you are able to interact with the talents on our platform test and review their past work, shortlist the best ones and invite them for physical interviews. Our solution is saving your HR department time and money.


How it works

Step 1. Send your Talent Request (Skills)

Need a professional with specific set of skills? Let our team help you find the right professional that fit for your needs. Share with us a few details in the form below and we shall contact you

Step 2. Shortlist and interview the most suitable talents

View and engage our talents. Screen the best and interview ready talent.


Step 3. Receive information on the top talents in the country

Stay in touch by filling the form below. We shall inform you best talents.

Need to develop your business?

Share the challenges for your business with thousands of young innovators on our platform and receive crowdsourced reports with key insights on how to solve them. By sharing with us your business case you’re creating a learning experience for all our innovators and giving an opportunity for university students to test their knowledge and apply their studies into real market experience.

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